I used to tease my step-dad about his pill organizers.  He had all kinds: a small and a jumbo 7-day model, the weekly dose removable pill organizer, the weekly two-a-day sorter, and even a four-a-day model; models that locked, some that were clear, colored, or opaque.  It was intense.

He had so many because he was always looking for the best one.  I did a quickie search on-line and found pill organizers with even more options: plastic pill pouches, wallets, binders, swiveling carousels, heavy-duty items you can mount to a wall, and you can even make your own blister packs!  (Joe would have been in his glory with that one.)

I never thought I’d need anything more than a tiny thing to carry a few Ibuprofen for the occasional headache, but when I started to travel on business that changed.  I was waiting in line for my prescription one day and glanced over at a cute little blue model.  Small and functional, I picked it up to take with me on my trip to La Jolla.  I found it so helpful, that I used it to take on overnight trips or week-long visits to Mom’s.  When I started a new medication a few years ago I would always forget to take it.  My doorman, who saw me return to the building just minutes after leaving for the office one too many times, told me that he used a pill organizer to help him remember to take his medication in the morning.

At age 50 I had become a Piller.  I had “graduated” from organized traveler to full-time pill organizer.  I can’t lie.  I like it.  It’s in my nature to organize everything.  And every Sunday morning I get a little excited when I open each bottle and count out the pills for each day.  (I have CDO, remember?)  Besides, it’s only one little organizer.  Where’s the harm in that?

My little organizer has most of the letters worn off and is perfect for my usual assortment of corporate medicinals, but I’m now taking Tamoxifen and it’s thrown off the ritual.  Along with the Tamoxifen I take a low dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis that is a possible and risky side-effect with the drug.  Well, that’s two more roommates than the little guy can accommodate in each of the pill rooms.

So, yes, I now have two pill organizers: a new clear one (with handy locking feature) for the old daily doses and my blue one for the two newcomers.  Now that the camel’s nose is under the tent, so to speak, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go prime time with a 7-day-three dose model.  That would nicely accommodate the morning, evening, and bedtime pill rituals.  But I’ll need to find the right color.  I hope I can find one that locks.

Fucking Tamoxifen.  Not only will it push me into mentalpause faster, but it has turned me into a senior citizen long before my time.

One more reason why breast cancer blows.

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