Blog Award. Huh?

Today I learned that two exceptionally generous fellow bloggers have nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  It is hard, nay, impossible for me imagine this snarky, sniping, salty mouthed blog being nominated for anything but the “She Won’t Stop Bitching” award, but I am touched that folks thought enough of The Boob to do this.  I believe this is something that makes its way around WordPress that allows bloggers to recognize and to be recognized (there are probably 8 billion nominees).

Following the precedent of my fellow nominees, I am to list seven things about me that you probably do not know, and then nominate fifteen other bloggers–my favorite part of the process.  (What is this, a speed dating blog award?)

  1. I’d do Anthony Hopkins in a New York minute.
  2. I love the words “heretofore” and “notwithstanding.”
  3. I cry like a baby when I watch Edward Scissorhands.
  4. I prefer to knit on the bus as opposed to the subway (smells less like feet).
  5. I declared myself a feminist when I was 13.
  6. I had lunch with Erica Jong (under my professional name and a life highlight).
  7. I firmly believe that the Jerry Springer Show was robbed of Emmys from 1997-2002.

So now bloggers (in no particular order, really). And I can’t get to fifteen.

1.  Object of Memory.  Written by a smart and thoughtful woman, Object of Memory is succinct, visually addictive, and it always provides me with something on which to reflect.  Corie Robie has been blogging for some time and every incarnation of her digital self has been a wonderful read.

2.  The Panopticon.  Simply one of the best knitting blogs on the web!  Written by photographer Franklin Habit, this uber talented knitter shares his knitting adventures (real adventures) with a smart and wry sense of humor.  His friend, a sheep named Delores Van Hoofen, communicates via Twitter (@doloresvanh).

3. Cindy’s Cancers.  This is one of the first blogs I read when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  No fanfare, no over-the-topness, just an honest blog that helped me realize on that I wasn’t the only person going through this crap and I could endure.   Yeah, I like Cindy a lot.

4. The Mirthful Menagerie.  I challenge anyone who loves sarcasm, knitting, and funny women to come away from this blog with anything but a good laugh and awe over this talented knitter.  Among my favorite posts are those entitled Hideous Knitting 101.  I can read these over and over and never get tired.  Gina, you rock, honey!

5.  Inspiring Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy.  I love the Brits–gotta connect with the ancestral gene pool!  Vicki’s blog is really informative and one of my go-to information resources.  When I was first diagnosed I ignored the Stage IV stuff, then when I was upgraded I saw that we women are largely ignored as a matter of course.  “Forgotten in a Pink World”  spurred me to action and got me riled up.

6. Sass & Balderdash.  I like good observational sarcasm and I . . . well . . . okay, I like beauty and fashion tips, too, alright?  I just became acquainted with this blog and it makes me chuckle.  I particularly like her observations on Driver Decorum.

7. Telling Knots.  This blogger uses a lace making metaphor to explain life: “Sometimes elaborate and complex, sometimes an easily understood progression from here to over there.”  Succinct and thoughtful, this blog really does help me cope with the fear an uncertainty that comes with metastatic breast cancer.  Check out my favorite post: “Living in an Undefined Space.”

8. Voices in His Head.  Bloody hell, this blog always makes me laugh out loud.  Indeed, sometimes I think this is my male alter ego that broke off and started a completely different life with a wife and kids.  I defy you to read Email Conversations and not relate.

So thanks to everyone for the nominations and for liking The Boob so much.  Just to have you reading is reward enough for me.  Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get to more important stuff like finding the perfect pill keeper and scooping out the facocta cat box.

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8 Responses to Blog Award. Huh?

  1. Still too exhausted from using up my vocabulary yesterday! My brain cell is still waiting for the other one to come back off holiday so they can make a single spark of intelligent thought!

  2. Scorchy says:

    ROTFL (Just for you, Dude.)

  3. Hey! I made the list at the cut off point of number eight. I know you said no particular order was used, but I feel my position on the bubble is significant. Thanks for typing out the entire “laugh out loud.” Keep rockin’.

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