Excuses. from ruivo! on Vimeo.

Excuses make the breast cancer grow.

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5 Responses to Excuses

  1. Crystal says:

    I also loved the Scottish PSA you posted. I wish they would show things like that here in America. It was very powerful. It’s so sad that breasts are so sexualized that they can’t run it. I was kind of hoping she’d drop the last card!!

    • Scorchy says:

      Wasn’t that a great ad? You need to see it a few times to catch it all because the photos move quickly–but that level of realness is missing in our superficial culture. I’m not condoning murder, but the English really should have drilled holes in the boats of the Puritans. They were right: the Puritans were nuts! (Sorry, I had to say it.)

  2. Crystal says:

    Wow. That was powerful. Where did you get that PSA?

  3. Brilliant, though I nearly made the excuse that it wouldn’t play properly as I was getting a frozen picture though the sound was ok. It wasn’t making sense … it is now!

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