I was on a FB product page today wherein a pink Cuisineart cookie maker was being advertised.  The description of the product began with a little breast cancer awareness note: “Breastfeeding decreases a women’s risk of getting premenopausal breast cancer. ”  A woman wrote to challenge the statement and this is the exchange.

“Even if it’s just a penny . . . people are more opt [sic] to ‘help a cause’ if they have [something] to show for it!”

Folks, here is your Pinktober audience:  apathetic, selfishly unaware, willfully ignorant, and easily brainwashed with an eye dropper.  These are the folks who dress up in pink for one day at the office to “fight breast cancer.”   This is the woman who buys a keychain/compact mirror in order to make a statement against breast cancer.  This is the person who will don a cheerleader’s outfit and shake pink pom-poms to “support” breast cancer.  And, you’re gonna get mad at me, but this is the person who thinks she’s making a difference by wearing a pink ribbon for someone who died of breast cancer.  And I guaranfuckingtee you that this is a woman who has never had breast cancer.

Now before she develops breast cancer (because she has a 1 in 8 chance), I want to take a moment to thank Komen, Avon, and every other marrow sucking breast cancer charity, fund, corporate sponsor, and assorted pinkwashers.  Thank you.  It is because of your egomaniacal  and self-perpetuating need for market share and profit that you have been exposed as the blood suckers that you are.  You have co-opted, sexualized, and pinkwashed a deadly disease to further your own corporate, personal, and political interests.  And through this superfluity of greed you have pushed the pendulum to the extreme.

We have observed this egregious swing of the pendulum.  We are pinked to death and we are ready to move.  You are hereby on notice.  We are aware of your game, and every day we will spread the word.  We are beginning to push the pendulum in the direction of accountability, responsibility, and real research, and real cure.  We’re taking back breast cancer and we’re changing the paradigm.

You have treated women and their families as if they were lemmings for years.  You have pounced on individuals with a sincere desire to make a real difference and ran them straight off the cliff to become a part of your pink greed machine.  No more.

I don’t know how many years I have left to be ignored in the pink ribbon landscape, but I promise you this: every day that I do have left will be equal to every one of your years in the effort that I put into supporting and lobbying for policy and legislation to cure breast cancer.  You can’t ignore me.  I am not one.  I am millions strong.

It only takes one person to question and to turn the lemmings around, people.

Educate.  Change the paradigm.

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7 Responses to Lemmings

  1. Sara Pomish says:

    Here’s my favorite…there’s this whole fucking “Turn Facebook Pink” thing going on through “causes” on FB. And this is what it says, exactly, word for incorrect, misspelled and lacking punctuation word.


    i think its a worthy cause and everyone should be aware 1. please support this cause thank you”


  2. Marie says:

    Very powerful. Thank you. And though I do know a few women who have had breast cancer and “been pinked”, I know of others who find the whole pink-punk-puke thing nauseating. You have explained here why they go that route. Lemmings, indeed.

  3. tomi morris says:

    I want to know how much money is going to the charity before I donate. Yesterday, in Staples, I see that one of the pen companies is selling a pink ribbon pen. It clearly states that 10 cents goes to a specific charity (I don’t remember which on). At least they are coming clean. But I would rather send $20 to the specific charity.

    For example, I refuse to purchase remix music of any kind by any artist. No exceptions. My dude Adam Lambert released an idiotic remix of a fantastic song in its original form to benefit The Trevor Project, a truly worthy organization that is trying hard to prevent young persons from committing suicide (remember the It Gets Better campaign?). Rather than buy something I hate to support the cause, I sent a $20 donation directly to The Trevor Project. I am should that was the equivalent of about 20-30 downloads of that remix.

    If its a product I am going to buy anyway (Yoplait, for example, with their pink lid campaign) I don’t mind the pink. I would send in the lids. At least its not a show for me. I was going to eat the yogurt anyway.

  4. Absofuckinglutely right … Scorched keyboard beneath your fingers. What the hell are some people thinking. A penny? In 1512 a lot of money … now, who would even bother to stop and pick it up? Ok I can give away pens in return for £’s, but pennies. Clouds and Cuckooland come to mind…

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