Wear Black & Save the Rack

I am not a big fan of shortcut blogging–what this OCD riddled control freak calls a reblog.  But I’m not going to be able to write this one better and I need to share.  Just let me add one to the mix: “Would you like to sign my drain?”
Brava!  BRAVA!


Peggy Orenstein’s Op-Ed on booby bracelets drew sharp comments from people with breast cancer, defenders of free speech, professional comment baiters and, of course, the people who make their living by peddling plastic gewgaws to the gullible public.

We’ve commented on this before.

But we here at the I Hate Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation have a saying: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em.

I am so pleased to embrace this noble cause for all of us on this brave and selfless journey of ours. Yes, the I Hate Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation has now latched  on to a surefire vehicle to beef up the anemic state of metastatic breast cancer research*: BRACELETS! But not just any bracelets, MBC Bracelets.

Our MBC bracelets are not a gaudy yellow or girly pink but a tasteful and understated black. Each one comes with a photo and the personal story of a…

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3 Responses to Wear Black & Save the Rack

  1. Sara P says:

    “Would you like to sign my drain.” Awesome.

  2. CinVT says:

    Also “Fuck the Ta-tas! Save the people!”

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