Knitting Knockers


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6 Responses to Knitting Knockers

  1. dear scorchy,

    i absolutely loved what you wrote about knitting and knitters, especially those with cancer. i am new to both, just diagnosed a year ago, and now knitting for the first time. i’ve met tons of new knit-mates, and nary a mean-spirited one. i just keep thinking – if really mean people took up knitting (the taliban, debt collectors, dictators, mob bosses, gossip mongers, serial killers to name a few) wouldn’t the world be a better place? i’m just sayin’…

    • Scorchy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! I used to be an avid gardener, but today–now that I live in the city–no more. Knitting has taken its place. They say that you can bury all of your troubles in a garden; now I say I can knit them away. And if people really piss you off, you do have two pointy sticks! 😉

  2. Susan says:

    I also saw the ad for the 5 hour energy drink that says “so I can get my 5 hour energy drink and support a great cause…” It’s not your fault since I know you couldn’t see it, but it’s funny because I knew you would hate it. Not only that after I watched the knitting information and closed the window with your blog the ad came up on the following link at:
    Click on that link and you will be shocked at the offensive guitar ad is. Again I know this was not your intention, but with your great wit, watch it and let us know what you think! XoXoXo-Susan

  3. Great group – shame about the advert for 5 hour energy pink lemonade that came before it. They are donating up to $75,000 from sales of a great product giving to a great cause! Blehk

    • Scorchy says:

      Oh balls! I didn’t know that ad was on there (I don’t see it). That really is awful, isn’t it? I saw that before heading off to bed one night and I could not get that jingle out of my head before I dozed off. Luckily I had no nightmares.

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