Downton Abbey: Breast Cancer Edition



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16 Responses to Downton Abbey: Breast Cancer Edition

  1. Dora Ramgel says:

    My mom was diagnosed in the early 80’s and had a radical mastectomy. They removed everything in the general area at that time. She looked deformed, and was so alone in her battle. Her chemo went on and on, I remember because I was a little girl.
    I am a 7 month survivor right now and wish my mom was alive to see how things turned out for me. How truly fortunate I am to have a diagnoses in this day and age. I had bilateral mastectomies and immediate reconstruction. This helped lesson my emotional pain, a little.
    And my chemo was a breeze due to all the new medication to combat all the side effects.

    This is a great website. I’m glad I found it right now, at this point in my journey. Thank you.
    Dora Rangel

    • Scorchy says:

      Dora, welcome to The Boob! I’m glad you stopped by and hope you’ll visit often. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of all the women that came before us and suffered horribly without the many conduits of support that we can enjoy today. A lot of advances have been made, to be sure. I just so wish we could find a cure!

  2. Jamie Schwarzfeld says:

    I have been an oncology nurse since 1978. At that time most people suspected of having breast cancer went to surgery for a 1-step procedure. The pathologist was in the OR, reading the slide while the surgeon waited to close up for a negative read or continue to do a mastectomy for a positive read. There were no lumpectomies, all axillary nodes were removed, and if the tumor was medial of the nipple, ribs were broken to remove the sternal nodes (Halstead radical mastectomy). Adjuvant chemo was Day 1 & day 8 for 24 months. There were lousy anti-emetics, and no growth factors so for a low WBC the 2 years could go on & on.
    Seeing the Downton Abby episode was even more barbaric. Not being willing to talk to her best friend Charlie Carson, and having to rely on good-meaning Mrs. Padmore only because she is a woman is as tragic as the possibility that she does have a malignancy. The uncertainty burdens her with more stress than running Downton Abby.
    This PBS series is the best television I remember. We Tivo and watch again and again.

  3. carmen2u says:

    There’s a missed opportunity here for a caption contest involving the #BCSM tag. Let’s get everyone involved.

    My entry:
    Mrs.Patmore: Surely, Dr.Clarkson will do everything he can.
    Mrs. Hughes: How can he without more NIH funding?

  4. Sara P says:

    Seriously, I so thought of you when they went there. At least we can count on none of the below-stairs staff sporting fucking pink ribbons for the remainder of the season.

  5. The Accidental Amazon says:

    Bwaahahah!! So glad to see some culture jamming on this…

  6. Deb says:

    I think I’m in love. Thank you! This is hysterical:)

  7. This is the first season I officially tuned in to watch this show and wow, I was taken a bit off guard by the cancer component now being a part of the story line. TV and cancer is usually not a good mix for me, but… guess I’ll see how this goes. Regardless, thanks for the laugh!! Good one!


    Scorchy….. I can always count on you for a laugh. THIS should be your your Facebook Wallpaper or whateverthehell they call that background thing. Hysterical. Can we get a bottle of vodka in the background. Preferably Stoli with some Russian lettering on it?????


    • Scorchy says:

      hee hee When this character discovered a lump in her breast I just threw up my hands. They didn’t have breast cancer in 1920. Let me stupid and believe that!!

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