The Sarcastic Boob on Facebook? You Tell Me.


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12 Responses to The Sarcastic Boob on Facebook? You Tell Me.

  1. ok, I know you already decided, but here is my two cents. I have over 400 blog followers and under 70 on my facebook page. I’m not sure my time worth the upkeep. These days the facebook page is only getting the automatic links that state “hey, he just posted another blog entry.”
    Although, I still think everyone should go check out my facebook page. That was one heck of a sales pitch, eh?

  2. estey4 says:

    I like facebook. I’d enjoy being able to read your post from there.

    Sent from my iPod

  3. Jennie says:

    More boob please!! Your voice is unique and needs to reach as many as possible. The sarcasm with the heartbreak captures what we all go through. Why not do Facebook?

  4. I am not sure since I am not very tech savvy. I have a personal FB page and I do post occasional updates on there but I also add a link to my blog once in awhile. Would it be a separate blog just for your breast cancer but still to raise awareness etc.?
    BTW, I am still not too sure what your job entails though I suspect if go back in your blog I could maybe find out. Something to do with writing (you teach too) and publishing/advertising???

  5. Acacia says:

    oops. I means Facbeook pages. Pay no attention to the addled brain-mets over here!

  6. Acacia says:

    Twitter pages always seem to be for bloggers marketing themselves and their writing. I don’t remember who it was, but one of my favorite mbc bloggers spent a lot of tweets and time announcing what countries were reading them and how many followers they had.

    I would be a way to get more readers, and your voice certainly needs to be heard!

    • Scorchy says:

      You’re talking about me! I do that all the time!! Really just to be humorous. Twitter was/is an excellent marketing tool, but I also learned it is a real tool for information. Went in for the first and I stay for the second! 🙂

  7. I like when you post a link to the blog on Facebook, but I don’t think you need to create a separate FB page.

  8. dglassme says:

    Scorchy, there is overlap in the two audiences however; it is my impression Facebook encapsulates a more common group, many less educated people who would not have a high endeavor to be in the blogging or tweeting world. The way I see it is Tweeter is dominated by youth greater than 60%, FB might give a better shot at hitting men and women who are being effected. However, this would not come without more effort on your part and as already stated there may be more delightful things to spend your time on rather than consuming yourself in the virtual world despite knowing you truly enjoy entertaining a crowd with your sarcasm. My two cents. dd

  9. Caroline says:

    Yes a FB page might help you reach more but there is a trade off of energy expended. You could use that energy elsewhere if you wanted. I sort of compromise. I blog and tweet and often put links to my latest posts on FB. There is more to life on line. By making a FB page, you would be proving more information to people who you are already reaching (if they are telling you this, you are already reaching them).

    If your goal is to reach out to as many as possible, where else (FB page or elsewhere) could you reach the most people?

  10. Katie says:

    On my own blog, I’ve been going back and forth between making a Facebook for it for awhile now. So far, I’m still not doin’ it, but for your purposes, I think it might give you another platform to reach more people that might not be avid blog-readers or Tweeters.

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