Continuing my deep affection for the Komen organization with another meme.

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12 Responses to Trust

  1. Elizabeth Conroy says:

    Trust that Nancy Fancy is botoxed and lifted
    Perky and Pesky are the two words that come to mind.

  2. Really makes a person wonder doesn’t it? No wonder it sometimes feels as if we’re up against a brick wall…

  3. keithw says:

    Teddy, they are the same kind of mindless drones who think “feeling good” about something matters more than doing something about it. I dare say they are evenly split between Bush and The Savior.

  4. Another accolade for her to stroke her ego, as if it weren’t big enough already.

  5. I just threw up in my mouth!

  6. Are these the same people who think that gun control is unnecessary? Did they vote for George W Bush? Do they believe in the tooth-fairy?

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