So as I was baring the upper left quadrant of my left butt cheek for the Lupron injection that would force me into mentalpause, I took a look at the clam shell packaging for the syringe and medication.  And there he was:  Lupron Man!  Smiling, happy, not a worry in the world.  I mean, what the hell is this?

Lupron Man

No.  No!  I don’t want to see Lupron Man.  In my humble opinion, I put forth this suggestion.

Lupon Man.2
Lupron Lady!

Truth in advertising.

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30 Responses to Lupron

  1. Haha. That’s an improvement! On the package insert where it lists night sweats as a side effect, there should be a photo of a bed with a giant, dripping wet lady-shape on the sheets. 😉
    Thinking of you as you endure this new treatment… xoxo

  2. keithw says:

    He looks like Ernie Hudson’s brother.. They wanna impress someone with a guy? Try Richard Roundtree.

  3. Guitargrace says:

    Here is some specific information on leuprolide injection (Leupron) from Medline Plus.

  4. Guitargrace says:

    Here is some concise information on the role of hormone therapy for cancer.

  5. MBS says:

    Lupron Lady is a huge improvement. Who is that dude anyway? Looks like someone I almost remember from an old TV show.

  6. nancyspoint says:

    You are too much! There might be a career for you in advertising…

  7. Tee hee hee! There was a different guy on the boxes that I saw. He was more formal looking. They must have been the one month strength shots. The photo made me laugh. ‘Hey, it’s Dr. Lupron!’

    The photo you posted looks like he’s telling us, ‘Hey, friends! I am enjoying my Lupron treatment for prostate cancer, especially the man boobs I’ve developed from my drop in testosterone!’

  8. You been photoshopping? Love back at you lovely woman, most probably administered lower left quadrant 😉

  9. Momine says:

    Bwa! That reminds me. Once I had a sore throat and went to a walk-in clinic, where I was seen by a Hungarian doc (relevant to know, because you have to imagine everything he said with a strong Hungarian accent). He was clearly most taken by my physique and kept me there a while to see if he could come up with some good excuse to make me strip. He couldn’t, so reluctantly sent me on my way with a script for an anti-biotic. I went next door to get the drug, only to find out it cost $95, which seemed silly. So I walked back to the Hungarian to ask him for a generic instead. He started writing, but then suddenly got a gleam in his eye and suggested that he could just give me a shot, like he did for his destitute patients in Harlem. I declined, but he persisted, so as I walked to the door with my new script, I was pursued by a mad Hungarian repeating loudly, over and over, “Why not? Just ONE shot in the Ass!”

  10. Sara Pomish says:

    Ugh. I heard that shot hurts like a mofo. So neither of your pics are truth in advertising. I’m curious to see if your symptoms are worse than they were on tamoxifen. I’m guessing if you’re going this route you’re done with the tamoxifen? Or is this on top of the tamoxifuck?

  11. How about one of those female body builders with a pissed off look on her face?

  12. Knot Telling says:

    I’m sore from laughing so hard (said the lady whose hot flashes are well behind her).

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