Komen SHAME!

SHAMEThere’s no getting around the horse’s ass: Kohl’s and Susan G. Komen made a reprehensible move.  It’s the same old cause marketing shill that makes money for Kohl’s, employs another celebrity hack, and fills the coffers of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  And this time they did something really original: they plagiarized the intellectual property of METAvivor to make more money for their staff, counsel, and marketing executives. “Everyone knows about breast cancer,” Katie Holmes is quoted as saying on the ad.  “But it’s what we do about breast cancer that can make the difference.”

Funny, that is exactly what METAvivor does successfully every day: raises awareness about funding discrepancies that shortchange metastatic research in the cancer world and directly funds research of metastatic breast cancer.  Yet on the entire #talkpink site not one word is mentioned about metastatic breast cancer.  It is unquestionably repugnant.

“Together we can start the conversation,” my ass.  While we chat and make two multi-million dollar companies more money, more men and women have died from this disease. Komen isn’t serious about metastatic research.  Stop talking.  Fund real research or join the all-volunteer force today.  No one is making money from breast cancer here.  No celebrities are being paid.  Instead, they’re making a real difference.

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5 Responses to Komen SHAME!

  1. Hey not the first time the borrowed something. Last February the very day of my wife’s diagnosis I created a blog with the name and slogan she wanted. Boobs of Steel – Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt with a superhero motive http://www.boobsofsteel.com My wife and I have been writing there for a year. Imagine our surprise when on a SyFy channel show “Foxy & Co”. Susan G hires a make-up company to create a superhero the will be “Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt” they said our exact copyrighted phrase in TV twice for their idea…. Coincidence maybe… or maybe just trolling Cancer Blogs for ideas they can lift

  2. I just got back to the internet world after a brief break (several days) to see that ‘SGK’ is being more like ‘ASS’ again, and now Kohls has jumped into the mix. How can I help – what can we do as advocates, to help block this misuse of the Elephant in the Pink Room campaigne?
    Cindy – XOXO

  3. dear scorchy,
    it’s so completely abominable. I second both your’s and Kathi’s response. the blatant determination that komen levies to keep metastatic breast cancer OUT of the conversation is so frustrating and outrageous that now, there will be thousand’s and thousand’s of people who get sucked into the pink vortex, forking over $$$$, and thinking they’ve done a good deed. if only they knew, if only…

    LOVE the horse’s ass and the sounds of the gas-bag shit it’s emitting!


  4. The Accidental Amazon says:

    A-freakin-men, sister.

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