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Past Tense

The paperwork is in. Fifty pages compiled by four people and faxed to two insurance companies. Disability. I didn’t want to do it. Indeed, for two years I fought hard to crawl my way back to who I was. I can hardly … Continue reading

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For People Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer: Change is Coming

Originally posted on MBCNbuzz:
Marc Hurlbert, Alliance project leader; Karen Durham, patient advocate, DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers; Shirley Mertz, MBCN By Katherine O’Brien, MBCN Secretary ? This past Monday, I joined MBCN board members Shirley Mertz and Ginny Knackmuhs in…

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October 13

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Pancreatic Cancer Action Campaign: I Wish I Had Breast Cancer

Originally posted on ihatebreastcancer:
Congratulations, Pancreatic Cancer Action. Your brilliant marketing plan is working. It was a stroke of genius to have Tube ads and YouTube videos of people saying “I wish I had testicular cancer” and “I wish I…

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Brinker Stinker: A Reminder of What Susan G. Komen is Not About . . .

Originally posted on cancerfree2b:
This is Nancy Brinker, clapping her hands, maybe she is applauding herself for a job well done (sic). Well I am one person who is not clapping my hands for you Nancy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)…

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No gloss or glamour just grit and determination

Originally posted on FEC-THis:
One of the (many) challenges of breast cancer treatment is the extraordinary change that happens to our bodies.  Not just the obvious changes – missing breasts, scars, hair-loss if chemotherapy is part of the treatment regime…

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Don’t Be Stupid

I’ve been slowly pushing back into work and it’s been going well.  Just as I get going it’s time to go home.  I pushed it a bit one day and paid for it the next, but I’m getting there.  Patience, … Continue reading

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