Apathetic Family Page

In an attempt to assist the relations who might be curious as to how I’m moving along life with the cancer–but could bother to read, visit, text, or call–I am unveiling the Scorchy Universal Color-Koded System (SUCKS).

SUCKSSUCKS provides an effortless way to gauge how I am doing at any particular time. Once you know the system, SUCKS makes it so easy that you don’t even need to read. Bookmark this page and then, while waiting for your favorite porn or shopping site to load, you can check in on my status with SUCKS. SUCKS works with any language, mood, or alcohol-imbibed state. So give it a try. It’s SUCKS!

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SUCKS for August 2015


I love you, too.

12 Responses to Apathetic Family Page

  1. The Accidental Amazon says:

    This entire chart needs to be on a teeshirt. Or a billboard.

  2. Jill says:

    I just found your blog, I LOVE IT!!! I hate the color pink, now more then ever. We get the whole month of October as pinkotober. That whole month there is pink friggin everywhere. I’m all for awareness, but that is just a constant reminder the whole month long.
    I too, am stage 4 counting down my second year………..ahhhhhhh……………. Why do they feel the need to give us an expiration date. I don’t have one anywhere on me. I swear! I checked the bottoms of my feet and any other place it maybe hiding.
    They have me doing taxol weekly, it’s working on the tumor and on me. May have to stop at #9 out 12. I’ve had the radiation too, the damn f#*king cancer broke my left arm, had to have a pin placed and then 10 treatments of radiation. I also had a spot in my sacram zapped. I love the doctor when I was finished. He said just come on back for any other spots and will get those cleared up, no problem. Like I’m coming in for a spa treatment…………yeah……..I’ll wait.
    Congrats on the Facebook campaign.

    I love your color coded mood chart. We could wear that colored shirt with the explanation on the back, so when everyone asks how you’re doing that day, just turn around. No more chatting and getting the weird statements back. Well……….you can never predict what someone will say. I have had some whoppers. Hope you feel better.

    Jill stage 4 ER/PR+ diagnosed Nov 2011 and trying not to count, what’s left……………..

  3. notsosweets says:

    Love this and the comments! 😀

    I don’t have cancer, but my husband does and I have a very rare disease. So, we can both relate and may want to use this SUCKS for certain people.

    • Scorchy says:

      I don’t have a large family, and I know that the family I do have loves me. But I could be dead for a week before anyone knew about it. It’s SUCKS! BWAH!

      Thanks so much for commenting and reading The Boob!

  4. Sara Pomish says:

    There should be a pink button (because we all LOVE pink!) for the family members who never ask how you’re doing but at least once a month send you some “miracle cure” they just read about “on the internet”. Raw juice! Apricot kernels! Krazy glue! (Ok, I made that one up.)

    And if one more person told me to “hang in there” there was going to be a hanging, and it wouldn’t be mine…

  5. AnneMarie says:

    Love it…

    Can we get a purple one for the “LEAVE ME THE FU*K ALONE” …..

    I’m being driven crazy by everyone ….. I’m so sick of being pulled in a million directions. It actually makes me start to tremble when I can’t get people to take a hint….


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